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Posted by Illya on 20 January 2007

This is the very first ETAS blog, set up at the ETAS 07 AGM.

Here are some other blog providers and RSS feeders.

Please add a post or comment 😉

Main blog providers

The biggest blog provider, recently bought by Google:

Innovative blog provider, also powers edublogs

Yahoo blog – you need to have a yahoo account and invite people to see your blog

There are also other providers who offer a blog together with other services, like Yahoo does.

RSS Aggregators

What’s an RSS feed? This keeps track of new additions to your blog.

Wikipedia defines it here.(click on ‘here’)

Here are a few more popular aggregators:

A web-based aggregator, always available on the web regardless of the computer you are on. Great with Firefox

There is a free 30-day trial for feeddemon, after that you need to pay. I’ve heard it’s worth the money

Sharpreader runs on Internet Explorer, I believe

Feedblitz is a simple version which sends new posts to you via e-mail


2 Responses to “Greetings!”

  1. The ETAS soloblog said

    We did it!

  2. […] can collect feeds in a number of ways. There is a short explanation under ‘Greetings‘ in the first post, but here is another very short […]

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