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What’s a blog?

Posted by Illya on 24 March 2007

Here is a nice description of what a blog is. However, I don’t think it is complete. The element of conversation, discussion, sharing two ways instead of just one way, teaching and learning. What would you add to the description?

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Coming to life

Posted by Illya on 16 March 2007

The AGM seems so long ago (see pictures below). The original blog (for those of you who were at the workshop) has been moved and is taking on a new life. This blog should become a platform for ETAS members to learn about internet technologies in teaching, to comment, react, ask questions, discuss, and to get in touch with others out there in the blogosphere who are interested in similar topics. It is a chance to react to what you read, in contrast to other media such as the ETAS Journal or the website.

That is why I invite everyone interested to respond in your comments, ask to contribute (I’ll gladly invite you:-)), add your own blog to the blogroll – in short, to get involved.

So to begin with, why not add a comment and tell all the readers how you use technology.

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