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Time to share

Posted by Illya on 30 May 2007

Hazel, one of the participants of the SIG day, has started a class blog, and it looks great!

I’ve put it up under ‘private blogs’ and I’m sure she would love to have some feedback on what she is doing – sharing is caring, commenting is too.

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ONLINE conferences this week!

Posted by Illya on 16 May 2007

This exciting conference has been buzzing around the internet and I’d like to share it with you and encourage you to drop in. Webheads are a group of people who are an online community of teachers and educators who share their knowledge and experience with others in regular conferences and courses such as the EVO (electronic village online). I can highly recommend having a look.

And not to forget: the SANTEC sessions beginning today!

This is to remind you of the free online conference starting in a
few days, May 17/18-20.

Our theme this year is CONNECT: Conversations on Networking,
Education, Communities, and Technology, and though not specifically
mentioned in the theme, many members of the Webheads community of
practice,, are practitioners in language

This is the second time our community has hosted a free online
conference. You can replay the first one at

This year we kick off in a pre-show event at 22:00 GMT May 17, with
the start of a Webcastathon hosted by
The conference itself starts at midnight GMT May 18 (evening of May
17 in the USA) with a keynote speech by Leigh Blackall and continues
for three days with more talks by Stephen Downes, George Siemens,
Etienne Wenger, Robin Good, Barbara Ganley, Teemu Leinonen, and many
other presenters whom you can see on the schedule at

To attend the conference you can register for free at and use the calendar there or the
schedule link above, or our online help pages, to work out how to
access the presentations and make comments or join forums. The will
be a voice stream of most events available at , as well a live chatroom for use
during the conference, and we hope to have someone live online
available to assist you at any time during the conference at

We look forward to your joining us May 17/18-20 for this unique
adventure in online professional development. We hope it will be
educational and F.U.N.

Vance Stevens
WiAOC Coordinator

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Looking back at the SIG day

Posted by Illya on 15 May 2007

What a lovely day it was last Saturday, and I personally learned loads!!!
Besides attending two different workshops, I also gave one.
Okay, maybe those of you who attended the internet workshop saw it differently, but I would rate it as ‘an ambitious attempt’. Working with computers is always a bit of a challenge (lost my use of e-mail for an entire week and just got it back today!) and learning is continual, so it would take a lot on my part to call myself an expert. I’m sure the next one will be better. However, I did try to share a little of what I know. This happened to be getting an RSS feed and opening a blog.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to go over several more tools I had prepared, but I promise to continue dealing with them here, starting next on wikis.

Back to the blogs – if you happen to be reading this between the 16th and 23rd May, have a look at Santec
See below!

1. Free online seminar Blogs for quality learning in developing contexts running from 16 – 23 May 2007. The presenter is Tony Carr of the Centre for Educational Technology, University of Cape Town.  Simply login  from 16 – 23 May 2007 go to the SANTEC Seminars group and proceed to the Blog tool.

You just need to register at
and then you can join in the workshop free of charge.

Finally, blogging is sharing and caring, so if you have started a blog, let me know and I’ll add it to the blogroll.  And please take the time to leave a comment here or there. It makes all the difference to the writers.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Welcome to SIG Day 2007

Posted by Illya on 11 May 2007

Hi everyone who is visiting this blog before, during or after this wonderful day here in Wil!

This post is especially for those who are in the session about the exploration of internet tools. Welcome to the workshop!

Below you will find the PowerPoint presentation from which you can access the many sites I’ve given as examples. You will also find other sites if you scroll down the blog or look to your left at the blogroll.

A quick tour through the internet

I hope you can profit from the information here and will leave a message. That’s what blogs live from – giving opinions, sharing, commenting, in short communicating.

So now, choose your RSS feeder and stay tuned for more 🙂

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What’s a wiki?

Posted by Illya on 7 May 2007

Some of you may be asking that very question. Well, you know Wikipedia. The concept is the same. It’s a versitile website that many people can contribute to. Listen to what other people are saying about what a wiki is.

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