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Welcome to SIG Day 2007

Posted by Illya on 11 May 2007

Hi everyone who is visiting this blog before, during or after this wonderful day here in Wil!

This post is especially for those who are in the session about the exploration of internet tools. Welcome to the workshop!

Below you will find the PowerPoint presentation from which you can access the many sites I’ve given as examples. You will also find other sites if you scroll down the blog or look to your left at the blogroll.

A quick tour through the internet

I hope you can profit from the information here and will leave a message. That’s what blogs live from – giving opinions, sharing, commenting, in short communicating.

So now, choose your RSS feeder and stay tuned for more 🙂


8 Responses to “Welcome to SIG Day 2007”

  1. elizabeth ulrich said

    Hi Ilya

    I really enjoyed your workshop at SIG-I was just trying to find the notes and can’t see them here.
    I’ll keep looking for them!
    I have the feedback from that day and I’ll be posting it to you this week along with my write up.
    Hope you’re having a nice long weekend.
    All the best

  2. elizabeth ulrich said

    Hi again
    Well I clicked on this line that said quick tour through internet tools and guess what I found??? Yes, what I was referring to up above.
    So much has happened since Jan. and May 12th seems a decade ago. I’m so thankful to have your suggestions as guidelines so now I can go out and start making my way through a maze-with a little help from my friends:-)Elizabeth

  3. Hazel said

    Hi Ilya,
    Thanks for your inspiring workshop. When you started talking about blogs, I knew I wanted to set up one to create a dialogue between two classes.

    The problem is that I’m a komputer klutz and I set one up but can’t do what I want with it. ie. I can’t attach pictures or add other cool things. Worse, my students can read it but can’t post their messages. I used bloglines as the provider.

    Feeling totally inadequate, I decided to join a course so I joined the online seminar you mentioned. I registered but couldn’t sign in because of a problem with my password. I registered again but could not participate even though I was registered.

    I’m at a loss as to what to do. However, I’m going to try to set up another blog with wordpress and see if that is more manageable.

    I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on.
    Thanks also for the good podcast sites.

  4. etasblog said

    Hi Hazel and Elizabeth
    Thanks for your comments. If you need help with your blogs, you might try the Blogging for Beginners blog at the left.
    I’m also considering giving an on-line workshop on blogs if this would be desired.

    Hazel, if you send me the link to the first blog, maybe I can sort out the problem. It should be easy to add pictures on Blogger as well as WordPress, and you may have to check the settings for the comments (you have to allow them).
    Your idea of creating a dialogue between 2 classes is excellent. Good luck! Can I put the link on this blog so others can follow what you are doing?

    All the best

  5. hazel123 said

    Dear Illya,
    This is a fun experiment and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the technology and encourage my students to get involved too (and write!). If ETAS teachers would like to join in, I’d be delighted. Even more so if their students could too. The idea of the blog came about from a conversation class idea linked into the new 7 wonders project. My adult students, many of whom have visited some of the short-listed monuments,opted to make this a semester project and have been presenting the places in class. Rather belatedly, I’m managing to get the blog up and running for discussion and ultimately we are going to choose our ‘winning’ monuments before 07.07.07.

    So please do put a link to my blog – the more the merrier! However, just one question, do I have to invite people in order for them to be able to comment? So far I have invited my students and a few others personally to inform them of the blog.
    Thanks for your support and comments,

  6. elizabeth ulrich said

    Hi Hazel and Illya

    I found your blog fine and will pass it on to a class tomorrow. As I wrote you pesonally, I had problem finding the pictures to Zé Eduardo. I could click on the link you sent in the message but not the one on the right.
    I received word from a fried’s wife in the US on Monday. Monte has esophagal cancer and is getting treatment at Johns Hopkins. They offer a care page where Mindy can type what is happening with him along with pictures of the family. And then friends can send messages to them-unbelievable the outpouring or supporth he’s getting! All thanks to this technology. So all cold and machinery it isn’t.
    Let me get to work on the SIG Day piece. To you tonight at the latest!

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