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More teaching videos

Posted by Illya on 24 June 2007

I’ve added another link to the sidebar, called The Teaching Challenge. If you are training teachers, this is a great resource! And if you are taching adults, you may also find a lot of useful material here.

My favorite video is the teaching challenge with Lynne Truss, author of ‘Eats, Shoots, and Leaves’. Being a lover of  punctuation myself, I was fascinated by the way she approached the topic. I’d also love to go out on the street with my class and a pack of punctuation stickers!

Here’s the link: 

  And if you don’t know the book, then I suggest you should 🙂

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Teachers TV

Posted by Illya on 19 June 2007

Here’s a great link, especially for those of you involved in child and youth education.

There is a large range of topics, some of which are quite relevant to our teaching here in Switzerland, and there are even a few programs on language learning.

Here’s one about English (L1) and technology: 

Here is what they say about it:


New technologies are second nature to most young people. This programme seeks to explore how they can help and encourage learning in the classroom – particularly in an English lesson.

You can find the Teachers TV link on the side bar.

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Slideshow – why blog?

Posted by Illya on 1 June 2007

One question that is often asked in relation to blogging and teaching is – ‘Why blog?’ Although I have answered this quesiton before, I think that the following slideshow gives an illuminating example of the many possibilities and how students may profit.

Erica, Carla and Ronaldo from Brazil presented this slideshow at the webheads conference about their experiences. Now I’ll go round up the podcast that goes along with it and add it as soon as I find it.

(A bit later) Here is the link to the audio file of the presentation. It’s rather long, but these three have a lot of experience to share and I can really recommend listening.

You will also find the chat on this site, which was real time during the presentation. As you can see, it is a warm and open community. All three are also active in the Learning with Computers yahoo group.

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