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Posted by Illya on 19 June 2007

Here’s a great link, especially for those of you involved in child and youth education.

There is a large range of topics, some of which are quite relevant to our teaching here in Switzerland, and there are even a few programs on language learning.

Here’s one about English (L1) and technology: 

Here is what they say about it:


New technologies are second nature to most young people. This programme seeks to explore how they can help and encourage learning in the classroom – particularly in an English lesson.

You can find the Teachers TV link on the side bar.


3 Responses to “Teachers TV”

  1. elizabeth said

    Hi Ilya
    I really find it interesting to come to the blog site and see what is going on. I was recently on the ETAS web page and didn’t see any reference to this page. Did I not look in the right place?
    Thanks again for all your interesting tips and Hazel is just putting us all to shame!

  2. Hi Elizabeth
    I’ll look into it. I don’t know why it’s not there yet either.
    Do you have your own blog yet that we can link to?

  3. elizabeth said

    Hi Ilya
    No, I’m afraid I don’t. It’s been a hectic time with various outside crises and this stays on my to do list. Yes, I should be more constructive and focused.
    I’ve mentioned Hazel’s site to my students but they don’t seem interested which surprised me-I know that alot of them work on computers all day so the idea of more work might be a problem(?)-not sure.
    Some teacher’s have mentioned the work involved in doing this-I think all of us are concerned about balancing work and private life and view this as more an invasion of personal time. I’m just intrigued by it all.
    I’m off to visit my mom for a month so will make contact upon my return-roll up my sleeves -and get to work on blogging for my students with yours and Hazel’s help.
    Have a great summer and thanks again for all your work.

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