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Social Bookmarking

Posted by Illya on 19 August 2007

On the right you will see new video called social bookmarking. This is a wonderful tool to use for sharing websites. It is more useful for the user as well, since you are able to not only catagorize, but comment on the content, which is impossible with the computer-based bookmark tool.

Ideas on how to use such a tool are endless, but for teaching, a major advantage of using tools like this is that you can easily share sites with your students, and they can access the sites they want and need without your having to look for and send links. You can tag them under key words such as exam, reading, exercises, and so on, using all the ones that are relevant.

You can collaborate with others and share one simply by sharing the login information, or you can go to other people’s bookmarks and see what they have bookmarked so you can expand your own.

Two common bookmarking tools are delicious:
and blink:

I’ll add bookmarks to the links on the left, so if you have any social bookmarks, please share them with us.

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