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Webcastathon and other things to listen to

Posted by Illya on 20 September 2007

This weekend there will be a webcastathon. What is a webcastathon? First, what is a webcast. Here is wwhat Wikipedia has to say:


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A webcast is a live media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. Essentially, webcasting is broadcasting over the Internet.

Now this coming Friday there will be a weekend long webcasting session over at Worldbridges. There are different groups that regularly do webcasts, many related to education, and all copied in the form of a podcast for you to download and listen to at your leisure.

This coming Friday at 19gmt (9pm Swiss time) I’ll be moderating a show with a few others on the topic of food. We’re out to have a good time (something that is often neglected) and I garauntee that there will be a great variety of foods. Moderators are from Switzerland (me- well, actually from the US), Brasil, southern USA and Argentina, and possibly Portugal.  Most are, like myself, not living ‘at home’.

You can stop in at the following site: 

Click on the program that’s running, choosing the best application for listening on your computer.  Then you can click on the chatroom with the name you want seen there- I think we’ll be in webcast academy, and join in the chat!

I hope at least some of you can join us!

Oh, about those podcasts, take a look at (also in the links under podcasts)


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