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Exeter follow-up 2

Posted by Illya on 22 April 2008

Join Exeter on-line homepage to watch and listen to 15 different workshops and numerous interviews, inlcuding one from a dear friend, who says why SIGs are so important in IATEFL. You could certainly say the same applies for ETAS!

Here are a few more I hope you will enjoy.

Marion WIlliams, President of the IATEFL, introduces people responsible for bringing EXETER to you on-line. A big applause!!!

Gavin Dudeney and Julian Wing talk about the future of EXETER ONLINE . We really appreciate your work guys!

Here’s a truly international interview for you. I really enjoy the enthusiasm of this multicultural group. In these interviews with Hornby scholars you will get an idea of some of the workshops which took place and the research they are involved in.

And here is one about gender issues by Silvija and Jaroslaw.

Of course, there are many more, and I hope you will have a look at them. I’ll add another post with more links in the meanwhile.


One Response to “Exeter follow-up 2”

  1. Amy Jost said

    Hi, Illya and bloggers! I have been meaning to post a comment for awhile now, but have been quite busy with my new ETAS’ presidential duties. None the less, watching your Exter follow-up 2, I had to smile when I saw a few friends and I thought ought to say at least “thanks” and also “hello” to all the ETAS’ blog fans. You’ve put a great amount of time and creativity into this and I for one appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing (and learning from) you at the Lucerne workshop on Friday. Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything,
    Amy Jost

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