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The challenge has begun!

Posted by Illya on 2 June 2008

Swiss teachers, the challenge has begun. Below you will find my personal aims.

For teachers from other countries, feel free to join in and share what you are doing in your own area!

To begin the challenge I went out and spend 20 Franks on school materials in a 1Frank shop. It’s amazing what all can be had for so little!

I also know that there are unused erasers, colored pencils and rulers lying around the house. My next step will be to collect them.

So my aim during these 21 days is to motivate at least 10 people to spend 20.- Franks on materials or put that much money towards shipping. And to gather together 21 kg. material between us. Can these 10 people also find 10 more people to do the same???

If you are willing to be one of these 10 people, please leave a comment saying this.

If you have a different aim, then leave a message saying what this aim is.


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