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Fill a schoolbag

Posted by Illya on 15 June 2008

If you haven’t joined in the 21-day challenge yet, there’s still time! Namely, there are exactly 3 weeks of school left.

When I was a kid in primary school, we used to have food drives. We would plunder our pantries and go from door to door collecting canned goods for needy families (can’t remember anymore where it all went). We would pile the food in a huge mountain in the classroom and see try to makes ours the biggest in the school.

The same principle is possible here too. My son gave me the idea to fill his school bag and send it along full of school materials. I don’t imagine that many kids have a school bag at Matopo Primary School, so if there were many classes doing the same, donating their schoolbags if they are going to get a new one next year anyway, there would be many very happy children.

I ask you, can you and your class fill a school bag to send to Zimbabwe? You don’t even have to have an English class to do this. And you are providing a good role model to the kids at the same time (it obviously worked with me!)

And if you happen to work with adults, then maybe they’d also be willing to help out.

It may be just a drop, but those kids need all the help they can get.

Thank you for your help!


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