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The challenge of going that extra mile

Posted by Illya on 20 June 2008

What can a frank buy in Zimbabwe? Probably not much. After contemplating this question, I decided to see what a frank can buy here (see How much is 100 Franks? ) I then showed this pile of material to my group of young learners and told them about the kids at the Matopo Primary School.

They were so moved by what I told them that they immediately began a drive to collect school materials of all sorts. Now the whole school is involved. They are doing it of their own free will and without any returns. One of the girls told me the other day that what impressed her most is the fact that they aren’t collecting money. It’s all new or nearly new materials, and she liked this idea.

It also got me translating the fact sheet for the school.

Now the first call for the 21 day challenge is coming to an end, yet there are still 2 more weeks of school.

Is anyone else there willing to go that extra mile and begin collecting? It’s much easier than it seems.


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