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Thinking ahead

Posted by Illya on 24 June 2008

Holidays are coming up soon, and with it the summer has finally arrived.

I’ll be posting a few ideas of things to do shortly, but in the meanwhile you can leave a message if you have any wishes or ideas for workshops f2f or distant. I’ll be around, so if there are interested people out there, maybe there will be a spontaneous workshop! Stay tuned.

You also get a preview of what’s coming up after the summer holidays:

The next SIG day!

It will be in Baden on the 20th September and can be signed up for already at the etas website

There will also be a workshop at the same venue the day before.


September 19, 2008 15.15 — 17.30

Regional/SIG Workshop — Baden Region — Learning Technologies SIG

Registration Deadline: 12 September, 2008

Social networking seems to be all around us nowadays. Our learners
are likely to be doing it, so can we tap into their enthusiasm for
this phenomenon to facilitate their language learning? This session
will offer an overview of a number of social networking facilities
including facebook, diigo, flickr and rateitall. During this
hands-on session we will be looking at ways in which these sites can
be used within a networked environment such as a computer lab or by
students outside of the classroom.  If circumstances prevent you
from attending, please inform registrar by 15 September, 2008.
(Otherwise it will be necessary to charge you in order to cover our

Berufsfachschule BBB
Gebäude Martinsberg
Wiesenstrasse 32
5400 Baden

Cost / Payment:

Members: CHF 50.00

Guests:  CHF 70.00


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