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Another school year, another learning opportunity

Posted by Illya on 25 August 2008

The school year has begun once again and the next SIG day is already drawing near.

So I’ll take this opportunity to consider new ideas for the ETASblog.

First, what is this blog for?

Blogs are meant to be interactive, and all you need to do is to click on the ‘comments’ button to make your word heard.

Are you happy with the information on the blog? Would you like to see the development of other topics here? Do you think there should be more frequent or less frequent updates?

Or do you simply agree with, appreciate, or disagree with anything written here? Would you like to have guests featured here?

It’s up to you to tell me so that I can make this blog a useful platform for all you ETAS (and non-ETAS) members. Just go to the bottom of the post. Here you will find the button to push. It only says ‘no comments’ until one is left there.

I also have a series lined up for this year which I’ll call ‘What is…?

Here I’d like to look at different tools on your computer and on the internet which may be useful in teaching or for your professional development.

If there are any specific tools you’d like to see, you know which button to push!

So stay tuned for the first ‘What is…?’ entry coming soon.


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