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Twitter again

Posted by Illya on 26 June 2009

If you’ve been reading here, you’ll see that my tweets seem pretty disconnected,but if you begin following others, you will see conversations, information, news, music, and of course, a lot of noise mixed in.

And now, some of the experiences I’ve had with twitter:

While on a trip to the States, I was tweeting for my students. When I mentioned my visit to South Carolina, I got a tweet about the local culture of Gullah, which I naturally shared with my class.

A friend wished me a good time during my trip.

Others welcomed me back home (on twitter??)

I found a great link to a lesson plan about Susan Boyle just as I was contemplating what to do in the next lesson.

And I’ve found many a relevant link about other topics.

Graham Stanley and I negotiated his workshop at the last SIG day.

There was a discussion about the appropriacy of twitter for primary school, and a better tool for this purpose was mentioned (

I have completed a survey for someone writing a paper, linked and thanked for through twitter.

Last night I went onto Twitter and learned that Farrah Fawcett had died only a couple hours before. Of course, she was an icon in my youth, not just because of Charlie’s Angles. Shortly after, it was on the news, but I’d heard it before!

and I JUST read that Micheal Jackson has also died. That makes 2 icons in 2 days. I don’t know exactly when he did, but I just saw the news on twitter.

So here are just a few ways. You have to get used to the noise, but you do get a feel for what’s going on in the world if you are prepared to listen.

New task if you are on twitter: On the right there is a box that says ‘Direct messages’. Click on it and send me a private message (illyac). Only I’ll be able to see it, so you can see there is room for privacy as well.

Oh, and here’s a song from one of my fellow twitterers – fresh off the press!


4 Responses to “Twitter again”

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  2. ellenbrandtphd said

    I am thoroughly disgusted with Twitter.

    I’m an over-40 who joined Twitter a few days ago, posted a link to a humor article on malice – ironically! – and because a gang of little kiddies didn’t like the title, they have harassed me mercilessly ever since, even – I suspect – sending me malware. Here’s the link, if you’re interested:

    Either Twitter is for everyone or only for the very young and very nasty. If it’s for everyone, it has to be better policed.

  3. etasblog said

    Hi Ellen
    I’m glad to see you have found this site, and I thuroughly understand your outrage at what happened to you. I had a look at your post and it looks like you have had to take some real harrassing. This is perhaps a good time to add a word of warning about twitter.

    I personally select the people I follow based on 3 criteria:
    1-their biodata
    2-whether people I know also follow them, or visa versa
    3-their last few tweets.

    I have also blocked people who want to follow me if I don’t feel comfortable with their profile.

    I hope you continue to twitter with more positive experiences and find the sunny side to outweigh the harassment you’ve had.

  4. graham said

    >And now, some of the experiences I’ve had with twitter
    You have shown me enough that I DO NOT WANT TO USE TWITTER

    – you are making or changing plans based on random information
    – tweets give useless news in advance of real dissemination with background
    – you are listening to noise to get a few pieces of value

    Frankly, sifting for gold takes too much time and there are better ways.
    Using google, reading newspapers or using other media – where you have a much
    more balanced “feel for what is going on in the world”


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