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Twitter for SIG day 2009 in Basel

Posted by Illya on 25 August 2009

Just right on time for the SIG day on the 12. September ETAS has gone a twitter!

You can follow the Twitter from the ETAStweet in the right hand bar, and if you haven’t signed up for the SIG day yet, then there’s still time, but not a lot.

Why should ETAS be on twitter? You can get up-to-the-minute information  on what is going on, changes, etc, and they can even be sent to your mobile. IF you want to send a tweet (a twitter message) to ETAStweet, simply add  @  before the name, i.e.   @ETAStweet  .

This is the last post about Twitter, but I hope it has given you some incentive to try it out, and you are always welcome to leave a comment.

I hope to see you all in Basel soon!


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