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Follow-up of ETAS SIG day Reading into writing workshop

Posted by Illya on 13 September 2009

FIrst of all, a big thanks to Fiona Joseph, who gave us an excellent workshop.

It was the second of two to be given through Skype and with a pre-recorded presentation.

You can find the pre-recorded part below, but you will need Flash installed to ensure it works properly. There are also all the links mentioned during the workshop.

Flo-joe for ETAS

One of the links that we looked at is LibraryThing but there is another social network for books at Shelfari.

We discused how to include literature in the classroom and agreed to share any experiences, problems and ideas as comments to this post. I am looking forward to your input!


One Response to “Follow-up of ETAS SIG day Reading into writing workshop”

  1. Hi Illya, Maggie and the participants for my workshop on the Cambridge set texts. It was lovely to meet you all and to discuss the use of the set texts in the exam preparation classroom.

    It’s good that we have an opportunity through this blog to carry on the conversation. Yes, Shelfari is another excellent site, and hopefully we can agree that social network sites have a lot of potential to make the study of literature less dry and much more fun, and engage learners outside the classroom. Also, one of the delegates mentioned some resources by Black Cat Publishing for next year’s texts. Hopefully we can share links like this here on the ETAS blog. Maybe we’ll even set up a Book Club, who knows?!!

    Thanks again to Illya and Maggie for all the work behind the scenes to make sure the technical stuff went smoothly.

    Best wishes for your exam success,
    Fiona Flo-Joe for Cambridge exams Creative Writing

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