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Follow-up of ETAS SIG day Skype workshop

Posted by Illya on 13 September 2009

ETAS’ very first on-line presenter gave an excellent workshop on skype. Technology went well with everything except the couple of computers that were down. Thank you, Peter Travis!

As ETAS is concerned about the environment and wants to save trees, there were no handouts. However, the presentation (not including live talks) and all the links which were mentioned are included in the website below.

Splendid speaking for ETAS

You will need Flash for the presentation to work, but all the other links should by fine.

We would love to hear from you about your experiences with teaching and learning with Skype, so please do leave a comment here if you have had any- good or bad.


2 Responses to “Follow-up of ETAS SIG day Skype workshop”

  1. Hi Illya

    Many, many thanks for all your hard work in making the event a success. You must have been incredibly busy and all I did was turn up!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the event – as I said in the introduction, it was the first time I’ve presented through skype at a major event and I’ve come away from it fired up to do something similar again.

    I hope delegates found the subject interesting. I’d certainly love to hear from anyone who either has any questions or has news of any use they make of Skype.

    Please feel free to use the landing page Illya mentioed above:
    I’ll keep it live so if you want to link to it from your own blog or website be my guest.

    All the best

    Peter Travis
    Splendid Speaking

  2. Great blog! I liked the information you contained in it. I would have never discovered this web site if I didn’t see it Googling random things!

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