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E-books: a new generation of digitality

Posted by Illya on 23 August 2010

Just these past days I’ve been reading link after link of new e-books, written more than not by teachers for their students.

Here are just a couple.

Dead in Dublin by Jeremy Taylor, and here a short exerpt (taken from the website):

Dead in Dublin, a fast moving murder mystery based in modern Dublin. Milan Schwab, a Czech language student dies in his American teacher’s classroom. Daniel, the teacher, tries to piece together how he died – and most importantly, who killed him.

Here are more books by the author:

And here is something for smaller children: Sandcake

And here are books for kids to read along . The stories are read by kids and word for word is highlighted as it is read out loud.

And here is one more for kids with a bit of an extra touch:  Zooburst

These days iphones and other smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Computers are in every classroom, no longer just in the computer labs, and reading material has become extremely accessible on different kinds of media, and smartboards are slowly becoming the new standard.

All this will most certainly have an effect on our learners and how we can help them learn, so it is good to know what materials there are to use on them.

If you happen to have experience in using them in the classroom, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

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