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Send a girl to secondary school

Posted by Illya on 9 May 2012

Secondary school in Zimbabwe is not obligatory. As the few secondary schools in the region are often located
too far from the children’s home villages, students need to pay for room and board, a costly sacrifice for most
parents and caretakers. Thus the majority of teenage girls, stop their formal schooling after primary school, as this privilege is
cutomarily reserved for male children. Therefore, an extension to the ETAS Matopo project was launched at the ETAS AGM in Lucerne in January 2011, and a fund was created to enable female primary school graduates to continue their education.

Three years of secondary school costs about CHF600.00 per year, or CHF1,800.00 in total, which covers school fees, room
and board and school materials.


Now we are trying to raise enough money this month to send at least one girl to secondary school. This will be done together with the on-line course on blogging described in the previous post. If you want to help, contact me at

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On-line course – educational blogging

Posted by Illya on 4 May 2012

These on-line courses are beginning to become a regular part of the ETAS program, albeit with a certian irregularity.

This time it will be not just Jenny from Argentina, but Barbara in Japan (JELT) bringing her group of teachers in on the fun during the entire month of June (4 weeks)

In addition, we will be focussing on the young learners (widely defined!). This means that we will have a chance for some real collaboration and I’m sure there will be eye-opening experiences for all.

This time, however, we in Switzerland are not just blogging for ourselves and our classes, there is now an added dimension.

The ETAS has been supporting the Matopo School Project for some time now as you can see on the Matopo blog. It’s been a success and is now supported by the Roger Federer Foundation– Now how cool is that!!!

And so the project has been expanded to help the weekest chain in the link- the girls. Although they may be sent to primary school, generally their school career is finished at the end of this time. Girls- education a girl and you educate a family. Now the aims of the project have increased. It is now to send 10 girls to secondary school for 3 years. It takes 600 US$ per girl per year.

All proceeds from this on-line course will go to the project- Send a girl to secondary school.

How long can we send one girl to school on this course? It is totally up to the participants as all fees (excluding ETAS membership) will go straight to this project.

I will keep you up to date as to how much money has been collected.

Take a course, learn something new, give a girl an education!

I leave you with a moving video from Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee — of her own life’s transformation, and of the untapped potential of girls around the world. Can we transform the world by unlocking the greatness of girls?

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Keeping on top of it all

Posted by Illya on 1 May 2012

A while ago wrote about e-books. Since then I’ve reached out and discovered enhanced e-books.Enhanced by sound, video, links, etc. The first I saw of this when I went digging was a book which had been filmed. Clips of the film had been added to the book as had background information in print and in the form of interviews.

In a matter of months I no longer had to dig. These enhanced books were being developed, not just for enjoyment, but for learning. You can find them in the form of apps for your i-devices, your smartphone or tablet. And the prognosis is that they will find their way into the classroom within the next 5 years. This means that every learner will have access to one or bring their own to class.

This means we will have a steep learning curve, especially for those teachers who previously have avoided the issue of technology in the classroom. However, we already have a similar situation. In my classes with adults there is no sinlge participant without a cell phone. Most of these are smartphones, therefore, technically cabable of most of what a tablet can do, such as displaying e-books, enhanced books, playing videos, recording voice, showing links, etc.

You can see where this might go by watching the video below. If we don’t want to fall behind, we need to be aware of the developments and overcome our fears of technology.

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