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Posted by Illya on 1 May 2012

A while ago wrote about e-books. Since then I’ve reached out and discovered enhanced e-books.Enhanced by sound, video, links, etc. The first I saw of this when I went digging was a book which had been filmed. Clips of the film had been added to the book as had background information in print and in the form of interviews.

In a matter of months I no longer had to dig. These enhanced books were being developed, not just for enjoyment, but for learning. You can find them in the form of apps for your i-devices, your smartphone or tablet. And the prognosis is that they will find their way into the classroom within the next 5 years. This means that every learner will have access to one or bring their own to class.

This means we will have a steep learning curve, especially for those teachers who previously have avoided the issue of technology in the classroom. However, we already have a similar situation. In my classes with adults there is no sinlge participant without a cell phone. Most of these are smartphones, therefore, technically cabable of most of what a tablet can do, such as displaying e-books, enhanced books, playing videos, recording voice, showing links, etc.

You can see where this might go by watching the video below. If we don’t want to fall behind, we need to be aware of the developments and overcome our fears of technology.


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