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Send a girl to secondary school

Posted by Illya on 9 May 2012

Secondary school in Zimbabwe is not obligatory. As the few secondary schools in the region are often located
too far from the children’s home villages, students need to pay for room and board, a costly sacrifice for most
parents and caretakers. Thus the majority of teenage girls, stop their formal schooling after primary school, as this privilege is
cutomarily reserved for male children. Therefore, an extension to the ETAS Matopo project was launched at the ETAS AGM in Lucerne in January 2011, and a fund was created to enable female primary school graduates to continue their education.

Three years of secondary school costs about CHF600.00 per year, or CHF1,800.00 in total, which covers school fees, room
and board and school materials.


Now we are trying to raise enough money this month to send at least one girl to secondary school. This will be done together with the on-line course on blogging described in the previous post. If you want to help, contact me at


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