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EDTAGS – social tagging for educational purposes

Posted by Illya on 14 July 2008

This is the website mentioned in the NECC 08 presentation (see last post) from Tuesday at 11am called Academic Social Tagging to Aid Learning and Assessment.

I strongly recommend listening to the presentation, especially if social tagging is a new idea to you. However, be aware that the sound sometimes goes.

Just to give you a summary, the idea is to bring together websites that are relevant in the educational area, including ESL/EFL. It is a place for you as a teacher to find resources, but also to add resources that you find so others can alos profit from them.

Social tagging also leaves the idea of folders with fixed names, becoming more flexible and more dynamic, i.e. you choose the key words that you find relevant. You can choose as many as you think apply so others may find the relevancy as well. They, in turn, may choose to use the same tags, but can choose other instead or in addition to make the tags more meaningful to themselves.

You will find this idea of social tagging in the delicious and blinklist, which are both under ‘Bookmarks’ on the left side bar, and also in diigo, from which I am posting this entry.

The difference to those mentioned above is simply that this site was made by educators explicitly for educators, so it is more limited in this way- not as expansive, at the same time perhaps making it more accessible to some teachers, librarians, etc.

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