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Continuous development with webinars

Posted by Illya on 2 December 2011

books in a stack (a stack of books)

As teachers we often find ourselves working alone, too tired to even look at the pile of literature stacking up next to our bed.
Keeping on top of the newest development in teaching and keeping a fresh outlook of how to teach requires time and work we often just don’t have.

One way to get around this is to spend time listening to webinars. A webinar is a ‘seminar’ given over the ‘web’- hence the word webinar.

These webinars are being offered more and more often and they are a cheap (free) and interesting way to gain input to keep your teaching lively.   Unfortunately, they are often at times when you may be teaching. However, even this is no problem since they are generally saved for future listening.

Here are a couple of links to webinars for English teachers:

Macmillan has organized some great speakers for their webinars: Macmillan Webinars

The Learning Technologies SIG over at IATEFL has also begun with Nicky Hockly organizing some excellent topics: LTSIG webinars  (you will need to be an IATEFL member and sign in to listen)

The British Council has also just recently started offering webinars: BBC teacher development

And finally, one more I found through Google: webinars teaching english:

Embassy of the USA in Lima! worth looking into:

So, a final question to ETAS members:

Would you be interested in ETAS offering Webinars? If yes, what topics would interest you? Please leave your answers by using the comments function.

PS: The newest addition to the list of webinars comes from Oxford University Press!  First webinar coming 12. and 14. December, and of course with recordings: OUP webinars


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Follow-up of ETAS SIG day Reading into writing workshop

Posted by Illya on 13 September 2009

FIrst of all, a big thanks to Fiona Joseph, who gave us an excellent workshop.

It was the second of two to be given through Skype and with a pre-recorded presentation.

You can find the pre-recorded part below, but you will need Flash installed to ensure it works properly. There are also all the links mentioned during the workshop.

Flo-joe for ETAS

One of the links that we looked at is LibraryThing but there is another social network for books at Shelfari.

We discused how to include literature in the classroom and agreed to share any experiences, problems and ideas as comments to this post. I am looking forward to your input!

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Follow-up of ETAS SIG day Skype workshop

Posted by Illya on 13 September 2009

ETAS’ very first on-line presenter gave an excellent workshop on skype. Technology went well with everything except the couple of computers that were down. Thank you, Peter Travis!

As ETAS is concerned about the environment and wants to save trees, there were no handouts. However, the presentation (not including live talks) and all the links which were mentioned are included in the website below.

Splendid speaking for ETAS

You will need Flash for the presentation to work, but all the other links should by fine.

We would love to hear from you about your experiences with teaching and learning with Skype, so please do leave a comment here if you have had any- good or bad.

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Interview with Scott Thornbury

Posted by Illya on 10 May 2009

Here is another interview with Scott Thornbury, also carried out in Second Life.

[ ?posts_id=2061536&dest=-1]

Here too, feel free to comment on your own opinions

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Interview with Jeremy Harmer

Posted by Illya on 10 May 2009

Here is a very interesting interview done with Jeremy Harmer on Second Life. You will hear his opinions on technology in teaching and int he classroom.

[ ?posts_id=2077219&dest=-1]
Feel free to leave a comment about what you thought of this interview.

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Exeter online follow-up

Posted by Illya on 17 April 2008

You can now find several workshops and interviews from Exeter on-line, so grab your i-pod, mp3-player or take some time in front of the computer and give it a listen!

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Podcasting – Audio report from a regional workshop

Posted by Illya on 27 January 2008

Another first for ETAS!! Listen to the first audio report of a regional workshop — a Podcast! Producing Podcasts 101, hosted by ETAS Bern-Neuchâtel Regional Coordinator Gabrielle Schiegg-Cleary was presented by JoAnn Salvisberg on Saturday, 26th January 2008.
Thank you, JoAnn, for sharing!

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Webcastathon and other things to listen to

Posted by Illya on 20 September 2007

This weekend there will be a webcastathon. What is a webcastathon? First, what is a webcast. Here is wwhat Wikipedia has to say:


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A webcast is a live media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. Essentially, webcasting is broadcasting over the Internet.

Now this coming Friday there will be a weekend long webcasting session over at Worldbridges. There are different groups that regularly do webcasts, many related to education, and all copied in the form of a podcast for you to download and listen to at your leisure.

This coming Friday at 19gmt (9pm Swiss time) I’ll be moderating a show with a few others on the topic of food. We’re out to have a good time (something that is often neglected) and I garauntee that there will be a great variety of foods. Moderators are from Switzerland (me- well, actually from the US), Brasil, southern USA and Argentina, and possibly Portugal.  Most are, like myself, not living ‘at home’.

You can stop in at the following site: 

Click on the program that’s running, choosing the best application for listening on your computer.  Then you can click on the chatroom with the name you want seen there- I think we’ll be in webcast academy, and join in the chat!

I hope at least some of you can join us!

Oh, about those podcasts, take a look at (also in the links under podcasts)

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