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EVO sessions – online workshops for Language teacher development

Posted by Illya on 3 January 2010

If you happen to have a bit of flexible time on your hands the for the next two months, then there is another excellent chance to expand your skills and knowledge as a teacher. The EVO sessions, which have been going on for quite some time, are offering 6-week workshops on-line, and all you have to do is sign up here.

The EVO sessions are run by highly motivated and experienced teachers expressly for language teachers from all over the world and are a great opportunity for those interested in using technologies but without experience, and for those looking for new ways to apply their knowledge and experience.  For beginners a great session is Becoming a Webhead.

Other sessions deal with online games, images for teaching and learning, videos, and internet for kids, etc.

But not everything revolves around technologies, although all the sessions use yahoogroups and other internet tools. You can also join the very active Drama session or find out how to travel the world with your students from the computer.

It begins 11th January and registration is from 4th Jan-10th Jan, so do sign up immediately if you are interested.


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Welcome to SIG Day 2007

Posted by Illya on 11 May 2007

Hi everyone who is visiting this blog before, during or after this wonderful day here in Wil!

This post is especially for those who are in the session about the exploration of internet tools. Welcome to the workshop!

Below you will find the PowerPoint presentation from which you can access the many sites I’ve given as examples. You will also find other sites if you scroll down the blog or look to your left at the blogroll.

A quick tour through the internet

I hope you can profit from the information here and will leave a message. That’s what blogs live from – giving opinions, sharing, commenting, in short communicating.

So now, choose your RSS feeder and stay tuned for more 🙂

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Yahoo groups

Posted by Illya on 1 April 2007

Blogs aren’t the only way to share on the internet. There are a number of other ways as well. One very effective way is through chat or discussion groups. Yahoo has become a very popular means of bringing people together to discuss topics, and many of you readers may already be acquianted with them. Here I will deal with three of them.

Swissenglish themeSwissenglish‘ is a very important one for those English teachers based in Switzerland. It is a moderated site, which means that the contributions have to be approved by the moderator (Graham Tritt) before they are printed. This group covers quite a bit of ground. It is often used for language questions, such as how to correct the German use of ‘nature’ in English. It is NOT intended as a springboard for people new to Switzerland looking for jobs, but sometimes jobs are published. Advice can be asked related to teaching, technology and jobs as well, although it really is for practicing teachers. This is definitely a great compliment to being a member of the ETAS 🙂 and you will find the link to the yahoo group in the left column.

A further very useful group, and one that is certainly less known in Switzerland is ‘Learning with Computers‘. This group is directed at EFL teachers from all over the world who are interested in exploring the possible uses of technology in their teaching. There is an extensive amount of information flow in this group since the moderator, Gladys Baya, adds tasks for those in the group to do while reflecting on the technology could be used for teaching purposes. There is also a blog and wiki and a huge collection of links.

The last yahoo group I’d like to present for now is one ‘Professional Development for Teachers‘. This one is fairly new and the moderator, Jennifer Vershoor (nearly Swiss, btw!) has opened it in order to promote learning by sharing what courses and conferences are going on in the world, both face 2 face and, more importantly, on-line. This is a must if you are interested in keeping up to date in developments in teaching.

There are, of course, many more that I haven’t listed here. I am also aware that my choice of groups is purely personal, but if you know of other groups and think they belong on my short list here, please mention them in a comment and I’ll look into them and add them to the blogroll (the list on the side that shows links to other places).

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