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Digital storytelling at ETAS

Posted by Illya on 15 May 2013

If you are an ETAS member and interested in digital storytelling, then head on over to the ETAS website ( and have a look at the Events (external). Or you can sign up directly with the learning technology SIG coordinator (that’s me! see below).
If you aren’t an ETAS member and are interested, then also head over to the ETAS website and become one. Alternatively you can pay the fee of 100.- for the course, albeit without the ETAS membership goodies such as the ETAS Journal, and reduced fees for the events.
I’d love to see you at the course!


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Digital storytelling

Posted by Illya on 29 April 2013

As mentioned in the most recent ETAS journal, Jenny and I will be reaching across borders in order to bring you together in creating digital stories.
This is something that can be done with any age group and the topics are limited only to your creativity.
Unfortunately, we have had to delay the workshop until June.
You will find more information about the workshop here shortly ( in the first full week of May).

Please feel free to leave a comment, and if you are interested in joining the workshop, you can write about your learners. This will give us a first impression of who will be working with us and the aims you might have.

See you soon!

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