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What’s a Webinar?

Posted by Illya on 10 March 2009

There are many seminars and conferences across the world, and it used to be that you just didn’t hear about them or care if they were more than a few miles/km away from your part of the world.

Well, that world has become small and distance is no longer a major factor.  As the last post announced, even IATEFL is going online and has become a reachable conference even for those parents and working people who can’t get away, or for those wiht a tight budget, who can’t pay for the trip and a hotel to stay at. It’s even something for those who are jsut too late or lazy to leave the comfort of their own environment.

Even seminars have gone on-line and unite the web to become webinars.

For those of you who teach in public schools, you might be interested in the following webinar coming up shortly:

It’s called “Opportunities and Challenges for Web 2.0 in Schools” and is being held on March 31st. If you’re interested, you can find more information here.

I’ll also be posting about the IATEFL conference here, so stay tuned!

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