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on-line courses

Posted by Illya on 1 December 2011

I’ve just finished giving a second on-line course in collaboration with ESSARP Argentina. This time it was dedicated to learning about how to use Web 2.0 tools and add them to wikis.
It was a fruitful, if intensive, 4 weeks of on-line time dedicated to troubleshooting, advising, looking for links, and making tutorials.
This is a tradition I’d definitely like to keep up in ETAS.

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What do you want from the Learning technologies SIG?

Posted by Illya on 9 January 2011

Dear Learning Technologies SIG members,

Here is your chance to say what you want from this SIG group!

Feel free to answer via the polls below or with a comment.

A further idea is to offer webinars, which are short on-line seminars.

Thank you for those of you who have already answered.


Would you be interested in taking an on-line course through ETAS?

What topics would interest you for an on-line course?

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Putting the ‘a’ into tech

Posted by Illya on 16 June 2010

Often the question is asked why one should take the time to use technology in the classroom. Is it just one big hype?
Below is a link to a slideshow that answers the question and shows how and why tech can and should be turned into teach.

A Teacher\’s Guide to Web2.0 at school

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What’s a Webinar?

Posted by Illya on 10 March 2009

There are many seminars and conferences across the world, and it used to be that you just didn’t hear about them or care if they were more than a few miles/km away from your part of the world.

Well, that world has become small and distance is no longer a major factor.  As the last post announced, even IATEFL is going online and has become a reachable conference even for those parents and working people who can’t get away, or for those wiht a tight budget, who can’t pay for the trip and a hotel to stay at. It’s even something for those who are jsut too late or lazy to leave the comfort of their own environment.

Even seminars have gone on-line and unite the web to become webinars.

For those of you who teach in public schools, you might be interested in the following webinar coming up shortly:

It’s called “Opportunities and Challenges for Web 2.0 in Schools” and is being held on March 31st. If you’re interested, you can find more information here.

I’ll also be posting about the IATEFL conference here, so stay tuned!

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EDTAGS – social tagging for educational purposes

Posted by Illya on 14 July 2008

This is the website mentioned in the NECC 08 presentation (see last post) from Tuesday at 11am called Academic Social Tagging to Aid Learning and Assessment.

I strongly recommend listening to the presentation, especially if social tagging is a new idea to you. However, be aware that the sound sometimes goes.

Just to give you a summary, the idea is to bring together websites that are relevant in the educational area, including ESL/EFL. It is a place for you as a teacher to find resources, but also to add resources that you find so others can alos profit from them.

Social tagging also leaves the idea of folders with fixed names, becoming more flexible and more dynamic, i.e. you choose the key words that you find relevant. You can choose as many as you think apply so others may find the relevancy as well. They, in turn, may choose to use the same tags, but can choose other instead or in addition to make the tags more meaningful to themselves.

You will find this idea of social tagging in the delicious and blinklist, which are both under ‘Bookmarks’ on the left side bar, and also in diigo, from which I am posting this entry.

The difference to those mentioned above is simply that this site was made by educators explicitly for educators, so it is more limited in this way- not as expansive, at the same time perhaps making it more accessible to some teachers, librarians, etc.

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A course offer from Comenius

Posted by Illya on 1 March 2008

I just got this offer for a 7-day course in my mailbox and perhaps a couple of  you, dear readers, may find this worth your time in nearby (relatively speaking!) Heidelberg.


‘Designing activities for the 2.0 Language Classroom’

(A Comenius professional development course)


In conjunction with the Utrecht University SummerSchool the Faculties

of Education of Heidelberg and Utrecht Universities of Applied

Sciences offer a 7-day, international course exploring WEB 2.0

applications such as Wiki and Weblogging, real-time communication and

the LanguageQuest format for integrating the World Wide Web into

classroom teaching.

Besides, the course location in the brand-new building of the Faculty

of Education in Utrecht, the Netherlands, allows for demonstration of

good practices of and personal training in the use of Interactive

Whiteboards. Intended participants are practising (student) language

teachers, teacher trainers and materials developers. Persons eligible

for EU Comenius Grants can apply at their National Agency for

compensation of costs for travel, accomodation and course fees.

The deadline for grant applications is March 31.

More information available at:



Ton Koenraad

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